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Showbiz - A Room Therapy [2018]

Showbiz - A Room Therapy [2018]

Дата релиза: 16.02.2018

uploaded by oieuverj

Список треков:
01. Do What I Want 2 (ft. David Bars)
02. Burn Somethin (ft. Tashane & A Bless)
03. The Khalief Tale (ft. David Bars)
04. The Company (ft. A.G. & A Bless)
05. Bronx Tale (ft. Tashane & Majestic Gage)
06. City of the Gods (ft. A.G.)
07. Speak Ya Mind
08. I’ma Ride (ft. A.G.)
09. Put You Down
10. Pull Out the Gage (ft. Majestic Gage)
11. Toe to Toe (ft. Tashane, Majestic Gage & A Bless)
12. Love Never Dies (ft. David Bars)
13. The Science (ft. David Bars & OC)
14. Recovery (ft. OC)

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